Financial Strategy

At Our Firm, our clients are introduced to the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™LEAP®, which is a holistic strategic system.  Using the PS&G Model®, LEAP looks at all aspects of our client’s financial life, which allows financial decisions based on economics, not products or tax laws.

With our assistance and the PS&G Model, our clients have the potential to:

  • Increase wealth without additional out-of-pocket outlay
  • Use scientific verification of their money decisions
  • Learn how the eroding factors of inflation, planned obsolescence, technological change and tax law changes will affect retirement

Above all, we believe if clients are aware of the challenges that we all face from now through retirement and are able to develop contingency plans, it will add to their confidence.

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The Leap Strategic Process in coordination with The Leap Model and Rulebook gives everyone a powerful toolset to help make smart choices at any time and no matter what the market or other economic conditions are present. These guidelines provide greater understanding of how money works, helping us to navigate our financial lives in a sane, sound, and simple way. Together, we figure out what makes the most sense, finding the right mix of powerful wealth-building and protection strategies.

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