The Impact Setting Financial Goals Has On Your Happiness

Jul 9, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

Financial FreedomWere you aware that only 8% of individuals who set long term goals actually manage to achieve them? A significant disconnect occurs when someone sets a goal and then continues about their day to day routes. In order to actually achieve your financial goals, you must do more than make a statement or write it down on paper. You must actively engage in financial planning and change certain actions in your life in order to see results and experience continuous happiness.

How Goal Setting Impacts Your Happiness

Happiness is not a goal. In fact, happiness is a state of being. You can find yourself in a perpetual state of happiness or feel like you are riding a gentle wave. Regardless, your happiness is not the goal. Your career, personal, and financial goals are what will allow you to achieve your happiness.

By actively engaging in goal settings, you will be able to be part of the incredibly small number of people who actually achieve their long term goals. It’s important to remember that financial goal setting is a mental process. Processes involve steps, and those steps are sometimes broken down into stages. Regardless of the time it takes to complete the process, you can achieve your goals if you take it one day at a time

Start by outlining your mental process for your financial goals. Whether you want to have $1 million before you retire or own a sailboat, you need to clearly define your financial goal. From there, you need to begin changing your habits in order to compliment your financial planning objectives.

Start with reading new books that challenge your personal development. Begin to engage your mind in ways you haven’t done before. Once you have a new set of ideas, look at your social circle. When you begin to associate yourself with individuals who are also actively working on their financial goals, you will find it is that much easier to achieve your own goals.

It’s important to remember that this process should bring you happiness. If you are unhappy with your decision, you may not be working toward the right goal. You have to be prepared to accept that happiness is a state of mind you control. With the help of your financial management firm and exceptional financial planning, your goal setting will continue to improve your ability to feel happy.

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You need to stop saying you will begin working on your financial goals after COVID-19 is over and delaying the inevitable. If you want to begin feeling your happiness sooner than later, you need to begin financial planning now. My book, If I Wake Before I Die, can help you navigate what goals you wish to set and begin planning to achieve them.

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The Impact Setting Financial Goals Has On Your Happiness

Were you aware that only 8% of individuals who set long term goals…

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