How Searching For Happiness With Money Helps You Achieve Financial Responsibility

Jul 9, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

financial happines-331894729.jpgWhile we live in a time of uncertainty and civil unrest, we can typically all agree on one thing: we want to be happy. Happiness follows us throughout our lifetimes and helps us heal in our darkest hours. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who desires to be unhappy. However, some individuals will undoubtedly feel stuck as more Americans continue to be furloughed and laid off. In order to achieve happiness, you must first have financial responsibility.

The individuals who are still happy despite all of the uncertainty with the economy are the ones who have superb financial responsibility. They have prepared for the worst and can find some comfort in the finances at this moment. Those who are panicked, scared, and unhappy are individuals who always pushed off financial planning activities for another day.

It’s something that is said all too often:

●      “I’ll start putting away money next month.”

●      “I can’t afford to save right now.”

●      “I work hard, so I deserve to treat myself to something nice.”

While utilizing all of your current income brings you superficial happiness at the time, it does not prepare to to achieve and maintain true happiness down the road.

Ways To Be Improve Your Financial Planning & Responsibility

The first and oftentimes hardest step is deciding you need to learn more about your finances. While you can probably recall your day to day purchases, you need to understand what is coming up next week, next month, and next year. A few ways you can begin to do this are:

●      Talk to a financial planning firm

●      Track your exact income and expenses (down to the penny)

●      Determine your bills’ due dates

●      Identify any unnecessary purchases

●      Create a monthly budget for “fun” purchases

Financial planning and responsibility does not mean you are suffering now to enjoy life later. In fact, taking control of your financial situation is what will allow you to maintain happiness throughout your life. You will better understand what needs to be done to support yourself and your family. It will also allow you to find satisfaction in the here and now instead of relying on instant gratification from a purchase.

Your Financial Wake Up Call

Paul Harris Book Cover.jpgIt’s important now more than ever before to achieve financial responsibility in order to secure your happiness. Even if you are not in an optimal situation due the devastating effects of COVID-19, it’s still possible to begin financial planning. I encourage you to begin reading my book, If I Wake Before I Die, to learn more about the information I covered in this blog post. You will learn how to achieve true happiness, financial responsibility, and the life you wish to live.  

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Our office is still open and working to resolve our clients’ needs in the most timely manner possible. We are offering virtual meetings to ensure everyone’s safety. If you have any questions about how we can help you with financial planning or to inquire about a potential face-to-face appointment, please contact us today!


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