Decisions and Estate Planning Laws You Need To Consider Today

Sep 29, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

The end of one’s life is usually the farthest and last topic they want to think about. However, anything can happen at any given time. Whether it is a tragic accident or a medical condition, you need to have certain decisions made and legally documented in order to prevent your family from making any (or fighting over) any tough decisions. You need to have a will and estate plan in place now more than ever before. Otherwise, you and your family will suffer  

Medical Decisions Need To Be Made Beforehand 

Does the name Terry Schiavo ring a bell? She was a young wife who suffered from cardiac arrest and then placed on a feeding tube. She was later declared brain dead. Unfortunately, she did not have a living will in place. This meant that decisions were made for her by her family she may or may not have agreed with at the time.  

Her husband wanted to take her off life support as he felt his wife would not want to continue living in such a state. Her parents could not let go of their little girl, so they wanted to keep her on the feeding tube. No one would ask Terry if she was suffering or if she wanted to continue on life support. The family went to court and fought their arguments for fifteen years. Finally, the decision came from the court that Terry would not want to live in such conditions. So, after a decade and a half of fighting, the husband and parents finally had to say good-bye.  

Your estate plan will include a living will that prevents such heartache. Your family should know exactly how you want to live and when it should be time to say good-bye. The hard medica decisions you consider today will ensure hospitals and/or nursing homes know what care you want.  

Estate Planning Regarding Summer and Winter Homes 

Here in Florida, it is common for individuals to live here in the winter and return to northern states in the summer. This great state does not have income tax, but many other states across the United States due. In order to prevent your family from proving which state was the primary residence, it’s important to go to an estate planning attorney now and document it. A driver’s license, proof of address, voting card, and other documents should be provided to attorneys in both states of residence to ensure your family is not left with any surprises in the future.  

Paul Harris Book Cover.jpgKeep Your Financial Future Bright 

Once your estate plan is situated, it’s important to maintain your financial plan and goals. Our talented team can help you create a plan that secures your estate and allows you to live your preferred lifestyle.  

If you haven’t already, download my book, If I Should Wake Before I Die. This financial wake-up call guides you on everything you should do before it’s time to kick the bucket.  

Please do not hesitate to contact our financial planning office if you have any questions or concerns about the decisions you want to make.  


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Decisions and Estate Planning Laws You Need To Consider Today

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